Lovedeep Gondara

Using R Shiny for cancer surveillance, lessons from the trenches

At British Columbia Cancer Agency, we have embarked on moving all of our cancer surveillance reports to R Shiny dashboards (Example: This talk will focus on the roadmap, why we decided to move to R shiny, the challenges we faced implementing it within a public healthcare system and the outcome. The talk will touch on the pros and cons of various approaches such as using package-based development (golem), data privacy, other add-ons needed for the apps to be functional surveillance dashboards, etc. We will end the talk with outlining further adaptation of R Shiny in the form of interactive nomograms for research studies.

Lovedeep Gondara headshot
Pronouns: he/him
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Lovedeep Gondara is a Research Scientist at Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) in British Columbia and has a PhD in computer science. His current job involves research and applications of deep learning in healthcare domain. In his past role, he was a statistician/data scientist at British Columbia Cancer Agency, PHSA, where he was involved in conceptualizing, design, and development of R shiny apps for cancer surveillance.