All activities will take place in one of two rooms:
  • (Rm. 1/2) 3A001 & 3A002 learning studios (two rooms joined)
  • (Rm. 1) 3A001 learning studio
  • (Rm. 2) 3A002 learning studio
  • (Rm. 3B) 3A003B
  • 9:00 - 9:30: (Rm. 1/2) Registration + coffee/tea/pastries
  • 9:30 - 9:40: (Rm. 1/2) Introduction - slides:
  • 9:40 - 10:10: (Rm. 1/2) Keynote: Vinay Prasad
  • 10:10 - 12:10: Workshops (link)
    • (Rm. 1/2) Happy R Users Purrr
    • (Rm. 3B) A gRadual intRoduction to the tidyverse
  • 12:10 - 1:10: Lunch (link)
  • 1:25 - 3:25: Full talks (link)
    • (Rm. 1) Session 1
    • (Rm. 2) Session 2
  • 3:25 - 3:35: Break (snacks)
  • 3:35 - 3:50: (Rm. 1/2) Keynote: Gabriela de Queiroz
  • 3:50 - 5:08: (Rm. 1/2) Lightning talks (link)
  • - 6:00: (Rm. 1/2) Social


Vinay Prasad (

Vinay K. Prasad MD MPH is a hematologist-oncologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Oregon Health and Sciences University. He also holds appointments in the Division of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and as a Senior Scholar in the Center for Health Care Ethics. He is nationally known for his research on oncology drugs, health policy, evidence-based medicine, bias, public health, preventive medicine, and medical reversal.

Vinay will speak on What big data research will be helpful in the age of medical reversal?


Full talks (15 min)

These talks will run concurrently in two sessions (8 each)

Time Session 1 (Rm. 1) Session 2 (Rm. 2)
1:25-1:40 Meike Niederhausen
Visualizing wearable activity tracker data and cardiometabolic risk factors with ggplot
Mikhail Popov  
Open knowledge in R with Wikimedia APIs
1:40-1:55 Jonathan Callahan
Best Practices for Error Handling and Logging
Myfanwy Hopkins
Building ensemble machine learning algorithms in R
1:55-2:10 Jonathan Adler Nolis
Using R in consulting: how to get results while the clock is ticking
Oliver Keyes
Playing with a Full Deque
2:10-2:25 Hana Ševčíková
World Population Projections in R
Daniel Anderson
esvis: An R package for effect size visualizations
2:25-2:40 Mark Dane
Datasets that elucidate the role of the microenvironment in modulating cellular phenotypes
Lisa Karstens
Microbial community analysis in R
2:40-2:55 Dror Berel
Prototype meta-analysis demonstration for ImmuneSpaceR, using designated S4 objects
Nikhil Gopal
Prioritizing Visual Encoding in Networks
2:55-3:10 Amelia Abreu
Improving the Developer Experience
Kalbi Zongo   .Rmd
Introduction to sparklyr – a new package that provides an interface between R and Apache spark
3:10-3:25 Shawn O'Neil
Teaching and Using R - A CS Perspective
John Smith
Uncovering the data science landscape in Portland

Keynote (Time: 3:35-3:50)

Gabriela de Queiroz (

Gabriela de Queiroz is a data scientist, a statistician, and the founder of R-Ladies

Gabriela will speak on R-Ladies Global Community and Vision


Lightning talks (5 min) - Starting at 3:50 (Rm. 1/2)

These talks will run in one session (single track)

Time Speaker Title
3:50-3:56 Jae Brodsky Creating R Packages at For-Profit Companies
3:56-4:02 Chaya Jones   Engaging the Next Generation of Women UseRs Through Mentorship
4:02-4:08 Scott Came   Mapping Election Precincts to Counties with R's Geospatial Packages
4:08-4:14 Danielle Robinson   A Lightning Primer on Open Source Community Building
4:14-4:20 Joseph Carl   Building a Personal Website with Blogdown and Github Pages
4:20-4:26 Nick Solomon Writing a thesis with bookdown
4:26-4:32 Emile Latour  others Real world reproducible research
4:32-4:38 Amy Williams Using R for Behavioral Data: The Fun and Frustration of Factorial and Repeated-Measures ANOVAs
4:38-4:44 Steele Valenzuela Amending Descriptive Statistics Tables with Dynamic Visualizations
4:44-4:50 Ju Yeong Kim Automated User Interface Testing with R
4:50-4:56 Drew Lanenga bashr: A package for reading bash files in R
4:56-5:02 Patrick Kennedy   Academic Writing using R and RStudio
5:02-5:08 Jim Tyhurst   Internationalizing an R application for model parameters that vary per country
CANCELLED Prerna Das Aggregating variants in a gene locus and testing association with Alzheimer's using Bioconductor


Workshops are concurrent (sign up for one only)


We will not be serving lunch. The cost to attend, at least in terms of the ticket, is very affordable, so we are not doing lunch this year. There are many lunch options within walking distance. We've created a custom Google Map (click to link out to it):