• Do you have a Code of Conduct?
  • YES! See the COC page.

  • When/where will it be?
  • 3 June 2017 - at OHSU Collaborative Life Science Building, 2730 SW Moody Ave, Portland, OR 97201. Directions: Please enter CLSB through the South entrance and go to the 3rd floor via the South Elevators. 3A001/3A002 (the main conference location) is across the short bridge. See location for a map

  • What kind of talks are you looking for?
  • We're looking for talks generally around R - but can include a focus on science, data, data science, even other programming languages, etc.

  • Are there discounts for students?
  • Yes! Tickets for students are only $5. But don't worry if you're not a student - tickets for everyone else are only $30.

  • What about tickets?
  • Tickets are on sale on Eventbrite right now.

  • What about food?
  • We'll have coffee and snacks during breaks. For lunch, there's many options in the building and very near the building. You can also bring your lunch :)

  • Will you provide lunch?
  • No. Tickets are cheap and so we're having everyone do their own lunch.

  • Will you provide a private place to nurse/pump breastmilk?
  • Yes! This was raised by an attendee, and now we have a room. Please get in touch with us beforehand or at the event if you want access.

  • What about next year?
  • Probably, we'll see.

  • Will talks be recorded?
  • Yes. We'll ask each of the speakers if they give permission for us to record. Talks will be available shortly after the conference.

  • What about parking?
  • See the Getting There section below.



The location we're at is the meeting point of a few major bike routes: one going East-West, and one going North-South. So whether you're coming from downtown, North Portland, or East Portland or elsewhere, it should be convenient to get here. Here's some bike maps. Also, Google maps obs.


The location is also a nexus for a few train routes. Here's an interactive map. Also, Google maps obs.


yay! Walking along the river is very nice if it's on your way.


Parking is free at Schnitzer Lot - printable map. However, we encourage people to carpool if possible since there are a couple of other events that day in the building.


We imagine most people will be local-ish, but if you are flying, we have a great airport, though it's not super big so not a ton of direct flights. You can grab a train from the airport and get all the way here. See above links for trains. Or cab/etc.


show off

Tall biking