Cascadia R Conference is an R conference serving the Pacific Northwest region (Oregon/Washington/BC).

We've done 2 years so far: 2017 & 2018. We're back in 2019 in Redmond, WA. See you there!

We wanted to run this event as there are relatively few R conferences. In addition, the Portland R User Group is quite active, but it is hard to get together with folks from nearby cities like Corvallis/Eugene/Seattle/etc. This event is a place to come together around R, but also an excuse to get together with like minded people across a larger part of the Pacific Northwest.

2017/2018 Organization Team

  • Aaron Makubuya
  • Jessica Minnier
  • Lilly Winfree
  • Chester Ismay
  • John Smith
  • Ted Laderas
  • Scott Chamberlain

2019 Organization Team

  • Lou Bajuk-Yorgan
  • Terry Christiani
  • David Henderson
  • Ellis Hughes
  • Stephen Kaluzny
  • Daniella Mark
  • Mackenzie Shimokaji
  • Mehar Singh
  • David Smith