Cascadia R Conf

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Seattle, WA, USA


We are proud to announce this year's Keynote Speakers!

Isabella Velásquez

Isabella is an R enthusiast, first learning the programming language during her MSc in Analytics. Previously, Isabella conducted data analysis and research, developed infrastructure to support use of data, and created resources and trainings. Her work on the Posit (formerly RStudio) Marketing team draws on these experiences to create content that supports and strengthens data science teams. In her spare time, Isabella enjoys playing with her tortoiseshell cat, watching film analysis videos, and hiking in the mountains around Seattle. Find her on Twitter and Mastodon: @ivelasq3

Retrospective of Cascadia R

Join Scott Chamberlain, Jessica Minnier, and Chester Ismay, a selection from the original organizing team of the first ever Cascadia R Conf! They will discuss how the conference has changed and grown since it began in 2017, as well as hopes for the future.