2021 CascadiaRConf Agenda


June 4, 2021 10am-3:30pm

10:00-12:00 Workshops (separate registration required)

  • Joe Korszun: Transitioning to R
  • Kate Hertweck: Introduction to R
  • Ellis Hughes & Marie Vendettuoli: R Package Development and Validation (continued in afternoon session)

12:00-1:00 Digital track

  • Andrew Li: shinyRGT: An R-Shiny application for extraction and analysis of rat gambling task data
  • Diana Dishman: NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region, Protected Resources Division, Portland Branch
  • Kim Gaines-Munkvold: Supervised Land Cover Prediction Waldo Lake Wilderness Area
  • Matthew Bayly: Scheduled Web-scraping With R from a Server
  • Peter Boyd: Modeling spatio-temporal data with the nphawkes package

1:30-3:30 Workshops (separate registration required)

  • Mike Garcia: Reproducible Research with Targets
  • Ted Laderas: A gRadual intRoduction to Shiny
  • Ellis Hughes & Marie Vendettuoli: R Package Development and Validation (continued from morning session)

June 5, 2021 8am-3:45pm

8:00-8:05: Introductions

8:05-8:45: Keynotes

  • Julia Stewart Lowndes & Allison Horst: Open science as a movement and the art of Openscapes
  • Stephanie Hazlitt: Observations from the field: regime shifts in R and data science within the BC Public Service

8:55-9:50 Reporting and Sharing of R!

  • David Keyes: Making Beautiful Reports that Communicate Effectively with pagedown and pagedreport
  • Ericka Smith: Addressing Gaps in Data Accessibility with Shiny Dashboards
  • Emily Markowitz: Reproducible Reports in R Markdown: Perspectives and {NMFSReports}

10:00-10:55 Shiny and R

  • Nicole Kauer: Hey, I want that app! Designing contagious Shiny apps
  • Jacqueline Nolis: I made an entire e-commerce platform on Shiny
  • Joe Cheng: Extending Tableau with R and Shiny

11:05-12:00 Sharing R Love

  • Kate Hertweck: Coordination and collaboration within teams using R
  • Kim Dill-McFarland: First of her name: Fostering R usage as the first bioinformatician in my department
  • Chanté Davis, Emily Markowitz, and Diana Dishman: Different Strategies for Teaching Your Colleagues R: Lessons Learned and Recommendations

12:00-12:30 Break/BoF

  • Erin Chapman: American Statistical Association’s Dedication to Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
    In this BoF session Erin Chapman will share the current status of ASA’s JEDI programming, including impact of new policies and programs on the broader statistical community. If you are interested in making statistics a more inclusive space, please join us for a discussion of how that can happen and what challenges exist. Note: This BoF session is intended to be an extremely safe and inclusive space for everyone. If you have thoughts but aren’t ready to share them in public, please reach out to Erin at

12:30-1:30 Lightning Talks

  • Ted Laderas: Using gRatitude to learn the tidyverse together
  • Kevin Floyd: March Sadness: Building a Hands-on College Basketball Simulator in R
  • Reiko Okamoto: Bringing analysts and technical writers together through internal packages
  • Keisha R Harrison: Defining Complex Microbial Systems within Kombucha Fermentations Using METACODER and PYHLOSEQ Libraries
  • Erin Dahl: Do you see what I see? Introducing microshades: An R package for improving color accessibility and organization of complex data
  • Jill Levine: The Clio Package: Clean and Simple Historical Statistics
  • Dror Berel: Been there, done that. Practices I adopted from R that will guide me through learning additional programming languages.
  • Edgar Zamora: How Did I Do That?: Redesigning A Workflow In R
  • Asha Yadav: Data-Informed Decision Making in Part C Early Intervention using Shiny R
  • Howard Baeck: Feedback Report: A Web-Based Shiny Dashboard for displaying Patient-Reported Outcome Measures for Patients in Addiction Treatment
  • Sean Kross: Create a Personal Website in 5 Minutes with Postcards
  • Katie Jolly: Designing graphics to post online: What I’ve learned from the (sometimes helpful) comments on my maps from Twitter and Reddit

1:40-2:35 Using R

  • Johann Windt: The PlayerMakeR Pipeline - Using R across the data pipeline with the Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club, an example using wearable technology.
  • Esther Needham and Bryan Blanc: Using Shiny Dashboards to Understand Bus Transit Delay and Sketch Solutions for King County Metro Transit
  • Cordero Ortiz: PurpleAir PM2.5 Modeling in Portland, Oregon

3:00-3:40 Education & Community

  • Kristin Bott: Supporting R across disciplines + building community
  • Njesa Totty: Validating the assumptions of bootstrap intervals for responsible implementation using the R package bootEd
  • Nick Paterno: Teaching Non-STEM Students to Code

3:40-3:45 Closing Remarks