Introduction to Quarto Workshop

Friday June 21, 2024

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Room C123A

Quarto is a publishing system for weaving together code and narrative to create fully reproducible documents, presentations, websites, and more. In this workshop, you’ll learn what you need to start authoring Quarto documents in RStudio. You do not need any prior experience with R Markdown, but if you have some, you’ll also get a few tips for transitioning to Quarto.

Knowledge Prerequisites: You should be comfortable opening, editing and navigating files in RStudio. You should have some experience with the R language, but no specific experience in any packages is required.

Pre-Installations: Recent version of R, RStudio, and Quarto CLI. R packages: tidyverse, gt, palmerpenguins, quarto. Detailed instructions provided prior to the workshop.

install.packages(c("tidyverse", "gt", "palmerpenguins", "quarto"))


Charlotte Wickham headshot

Charlotte Wickham

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Location: Corvallis, Oregon

Charlotte Wickham is a Developer Educator at Posit with a focus on Quarto. Before Posit, she taught Statistics and Data Science at Oregon State University.