Ted Laderas

Never been to Me : A Queer Journey through the LGB Generations Data

Regular talk, 3:30-3:45

In this talk, I want to answer the question: How can data science connect me more deeply to my community? Specifically, I want to use publicly available data to understand my place in the LGBTQ+ community. I want to use it to discover commonalities and identify mental health issues we struggle with. To do this, I plan to use the publicly available Generations dataset, consisting of interviews and survey information across 3 generations of LGB people. I want to highlight the challenges we face from our families and our society. I also want to talk with other LGBTQ analysts about their insights of the Generations Data and synthesize this into a larger story about our community. By the end of this talk, I want to share key insights I've learned from the data into queer identity and our mental health challenges and how they have changed from generation to generation. I hope to showcase this talk as an example of how citizens can engage with public data for the greater good.

Ted Laderas
Pronouns: he/him
Portland, OR
Ted Laderas is a Data Scientist and Community Builder at Fred Hutch. He has worked with lots of different data types and knows his way around a workflow. He champions building learning communities of practice in science and research that are psychologically safe and inclusive.