Matthew Bayly

CEMPRA: Building an R package, R Shiny application, and Quarto book for Cumulative Effect Assessments in BC

Regular talk, 1:40-1:55

This presentation will showcase the development of the CEMPRA (Cumulative Effect Model for the Prioritization of Recovery Actions) tool and its use in British Columbia. CEMPRA was developed as an R package and R Shiny application for different end users. This talk will demonstrate core principles of software engineering within the R universe. We will show how we can take very large and complex applications and break them down into small and simple components with modules, decouple core functionality within an R package and web components in a Shiny application, and leverage tools and techniques to simplify application development. Finally, we will demonstrate how to use Quarto websites and e-books to document our projects and run workshops and tutorial series.

Matthew Bayly
Pronouns: he/him
Whistler, British Columbia
Building R packages, R Shiny applications, APIs, and web systems with a background in aquatic science and web development & trying to help others along the way :)