Lovekumar Patel

Empowering Decisions: Advanced Portfolio Analysis and Management through Shiny

Lighting Talk, 1:40-1:45

In this talk, I present a pioneering system for portfolio analysis and management, crafted using the power of Shiny and the versatility of the Plumber API. Our objective was to disrupt the status quo by offering immediate, actionable insights through a highly interactive toolset, designed with the user firmly at the center. I will discuss the journey of developing reusable Shiny modules, which stand as the pillars of this user-centric innovation, providing tailored solutions for diverse financial scenarios. I will explore the system's architecture, highlighting the Plumber API's dual functionality. Not only does it drive our system, but it also embraces other applications, reflecting a seamless cross-platform integration. This reflects our system's unique ability to span across different teams and adapt to varying technological ecosystems. The crux of our system is its ability to convert intricate financial data into a lively and engaging experience. This is made possible through a bespoke R package that synergizes with the ag-grid JavaScript library, allowing for intuitive and potent interaction with financial data grids. Attendees of this session will gain insights into the innovative application of Shiny and Plumber API in financial analytics, embodying a novel approach that prioritizes a user-first philosophy, code reusability, and cross-platform operability. The takeaways promise a compelling vision of financial analysis and decision-making, powered by R's flexible and robust capabilities.

Lovekumar Patel
Pronouns: he/him
Seattle, WA
Lovekumar is a senior consultant and developer at ProCogia, specializing in building end-to-end data science products. With an MS in Engineering Management focused on data science from Northeastern University, he brings over five years of experience in the consulting industry.

He excels in creating RESTful APIs, developing enterprise-ready data-intensive web applications, and crafting decision-making data reports. His expertise also includes statistical modeling, developing R packages, and harnessing R's capabilities across various domains. He holds an AWS Certified Solution Architect credential.

At ProCogia, he works with various clients to develop and implement data-driven solutions, showcasing his proficiency in transforming concepts into production-ready solutions. His role includes leading teams in agile environments and handling client-facing responsibilities from requirement gathering to deployment.