Joe Roberts

Taking CRAN to the Next Level with Posit Public Package Manager

Lighting Talk, 1:30-1:35

Everyone working in R downloads and installs packages from CRAN to help them build cool things, but most don't even think about where those packages are coming from because “it just works.” Posit (the company that brings you RStudio) also provides a free service to the R community that makes working with CRAN packages even easier. In this talk, we'll learn what Posit Public Package Manager is, what extra features and advantages it provides over standard CRAN mirrors, and how easy it is to change your default R repository and start using it.

Joe Roberts
Pronouns: he/him
Seattle, WA
Joe is a Product Manager at Posit focused on R and Python package management for teams. He has a background in software engineering, and has spent his entire career developing enterprise data analysis software and tools for data scientists. He's passionate about finding ways to make it easier for everyone to develop, share, and use packages across any organization, large or small.