Ted Laderas

A gRadual introduction to web APIs and JSON

Do the words “Web API” sound intimidating to you? This talk is a gentle introduction to what Web APIs are and how to get data out of them using the {httr2}, {jsonlite}. and {tidyjson} packages. You'll learn how to request data from an endpoint and get the data out. We'll do this using an API that gives us facts about cats. By the end of this talk, web APIs will seem much less intimidating and you will be empowered to access data from them.

Ted Laderas headshot
Pronouns: he/him
Portland, OR, USA
I recently moved to British Columbia from New Zealand, where I used to build R Shiny apps for the health sector. I’m currently studying a MSc in Statistics part time through the University of Auckland (the birthplace of R!) and I’m due to finish in November 2023. My research project is to assist in the development and validation of an R package for estimating animal population densities based on various capture methods, particularly acoustic methods. I have been using R for seven years and currently co-organise the R Ladies Vancouver meetup group. Right now I work as a Data Engineer in Vancouver.