Mark Niemann-Ross

Use R to control a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized single board computer for less than $30. Most people think of it as an educational toy, but in reality it is a full-fledged linux computer with a full bank of data acquisition pins. The Raspberry Pi can read data from a multitude of sensors and control motors, cameras, and lights.

Most commonly, the Raspberry Pi is programmed in Python – but with a small amount of work, R can also be installed. Better yet, R can be used to read sensors and control output devices just like python.

In this fifteen minute talk, Mark Niemann-Ross will demonstrate the installation of R and show how to use it to blink lights, read sensors, and react to buttons. Participants will leave this talk with a clear path for use of the Raspberry Pi as a computing platform capable of data acquisition and processing with the R language.

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Pronouns: he/him
Portland, OR, USA
I write science fiction. Sometimes it’s about spaceships, sometimes it’s about products. The goal is the same; explain where we want to be, point out hazards, celebrate arrival. I live in Portland Oregon and teach R and Raspberry Pi for LinkedIn Learning.