C. Nathalie Yuen

Come TogetheR, Right Now, OveR R

Inspired by the musical contributions of the Pacific Northwest, the focus of this 5-minute lightning talk is the Top 100 Billboard charts. In addition to using the Billboard charts to learn about R/RStudio, this talk will also discuss using Tidy Tuesday as a resource, developing interdisciplinary skills, and forging relationships within collaborative groups. The “Top 100 Billboard” is a Tidy Tuesday (Mock, 2022) activity that includes song, artist, and chart information from the Billboard Chart, as well as song audio information from Spotify. Although this could be used across a variety of situations, from an introduction to R/RStudio to settling arguments in social situations, this talk will focus on use in an undergraduate classroom. The talk will include a description of an in-class activity and general reflections on use of R/RStudio in the classroom. Music journalist and author, Rob Sheffield (2010) wrote, “Bringing people together is what music has always done best” (p. 12) but this talk will suggest that, “Bringing people togetheR is what R has always done best.”

Olympia, WA, USA
Bio coming soon