2020 Speakers

Alison Hill

Alison Hill is a Data Scientist & Professional Educator at RStudio. Prior to joining RStudio, she was an Associate Professor and Center Assistant Director at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon, where she was an NIH-funded Principal Investigator. Her work has been published in Pediatrics, Autism Research, and other peer-reviewed journals.

Alison regularly leads workshops and develops online learning materials on topics like reproducible research, machine learning, and data visualization. She is also a co-author of the book blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown. Alison lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and young daughter.

Andrew Edelblum

Andrew Edelblum is a third-year marketing PhD student at the University of Oregon. His research explores novel and progressive forms of branding that are shaping today’s marketplace, such as the emergent role of brands as political advocates.

When Andrew started his PhD journey, he did not see himself as a programmer—let alone a data scientist. He’d never done any coding… minus some tweaks to the aesthetics of his MySpace profile in 2009. However, that all changed when he took R courses during his first two years of graduate school. Andrew fell in love with the customizable ways he could use R to both perform statistical analyses and create beautiful data visualizations.

Now, Andrew uses R for work and play constantly. (Ask him about his Spotify playlist project!)

Ashley Miller

Ashley is a doctoral student studying cognitive neuroscience at the University of Oregon. Her research combines correlational and experimental techniques to examine memory and attention processes and individual differences within these processes. That is, Ashley’s research seeks to identify sources of limitations in learning ability—and cognitive abilities more broadly—by focusing on how individuals control attention in a goal directed manner. She has recently begun to examine how the amount of attentional resources allocated to learning (intensity), as well as how consistently those resources are allocated to said to-be-learned material (consistency), are associated with ensuing memory performance. Ashley leverages behavioral and physiological techniques (pupillometry and eye-tracking) to address these questions.

Cameron Kay

Cameron is a doctoral student studying personality and social psychology at the University of Oregon. He is interested in incorporating new technologies and methodologies into the study of psychology. He is the creator and maintainer of two R packages: panoply and iccImpact.

Jessica Minnier

Jessica Minnier is an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics in the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health and the Knight Cancer Institute Biostatistics Shared Resource. She enjoys teaching a range of statistics topics from mathematical inference to computing in R. She is a co-founder of Cascadia R.

Kivalina Grove

Kivalina Grove is a PhD Candidate in Marketing at the University of Oregon. Her research centers on the formation and recovery of practices. She also studies the use and prosocial maintenance of collaborative networks, such as Eugene’s PeaceHealth Rides bike sharing program. She enjoys using R to analyze social media data and create interactive visualizations.

Ouafaa Hmaddi

Ouafaa is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in management at the University of Oregon. Ouafaa received her BS in Industrial Engineering from Ecole Mohamadia d’Ingenieurs and her MPA from Cornell University as a Fulbright Scholar. Her research lies in the intersection of strategy and entrepreneurship economics. Using experimental and quasi-experimental approaches, she investigates the different mechanisms used by intermediaries that finance and support early stage ventures. She also draws upon large-scale data to examine different aspects of the geography of entrepreneurship. Her projects are based in a range of contexts including startup acceleration programs, crowdfunding, and multi-sided platforms.

Ted Laderas

Ted Laderas is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology at OHSU. He is passionate about teaching beginners to succeed in R. He is an RStudio Certified Instructor in both Shiny and the Tidyverse, and is a co-founder of Cascadia R.