2020 Speakers

Danielle Claar

Danielle Claar is a NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Washington. Her research focuses on the resilience of imperiled and understudied species in changing tropical and temperate environments. Her work includes conducting research expeditions, using statistical modelling to disentangle large data sets, and implementing genomic and bioinformatic approaches to support conservation decisions.

She is a reproducible research advocate and leads open science initiatives within the Wood Lab at UW. She was also a member of the inaugural OpenScapes cohort. She likes to share her knowledge of reproducibility tools to help colleagues and students do better science in less time.

Heather Nolis

Heather Nolis is a founding member of the AI @ T-Mobile team, focusing the conversion of cutting-edge analyses to real-time, scalable data-driven products. She began her career in neuroscience but once realized how heavily that field relied on software built by other people, she pivoted - deciding to make software herself. You can find her @heatherklus on Twitter, where she speaks about diversity in technology, the ethical implications of data, and cats.

Jacqueline Nolis

Dr. Jacqueline Nolis is a co-founder of Nolis, LLC, a data science consulting firm. She has over a decade of experience using data to help companies including DSW, Union Bank, Microsoft, and Airbnb. She has a PhD from Arizona State University where her research focused on electric vehicle route optimization. For fun she likes to use machine learning to do weird things like generate offensive license plates. You can find her @skyetetra on Twitter.